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4 Apr 2020

An estimated one third, or about 70 million, of cars currently on the road use a timing belt. Without proper maintenance and replacement

The timing belt may break, leading to costly repairs. Made of durable wear-resistant fabric, a cord with high tensile strength and a molded tooth surface, the Dayco toothed belt provides stable slip protection and high resistance to oil and engine heat.

Dayco is recognized by the automotive industry as the world's leading manufacturer of timing belts. Designed for OHC and DOHC engines, the Dayco timing belt has a molded gear design that is quieter and more economical. Our high-quality, high-modulus fiberglass cord ensures precise length stability, which ensures uninterrupted engine operation over the entire life of the belt.

Belt composition and tooth configurations are designed for specific applications, from normal use to high-performance high-temperature engines that use HSN. The part number contains the last three digits corresponding to the industry standard numbering.

Dayco Timing Belts Meet All Manufacturer Requirements